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About Us

Moles Earthmoving was founded in 1974 by Father and Son team Peter and Renato "Bob" Moles. The business named "P&R Moles Bobcat and Cartage Contractors" started with a truck and bobcat. They provided the local community with an honest and reliable service performing a range of domestic tasks from sand and gravel deliveries to site preparation for construction of new homes.

The business quickly earned the respect of home owners, builders and contractors alike. Following Peter's retirement Bob continued to build the business partnered by his wife Merlene. Having grown up and established business in the south eastern foothills of Perth, Bob became renowned for his knowledge of the soils, particularly on hilly and rocky sites. Through many years of hands on management he expanded this knowledge and together with Merlene they added to the original truck and bobcat to develop a fleet of machinery capable of heavy excavation and hard digging. The business then known as "R&M Moles Earthmoving" evolved to become specialists in siteworks and excavation of steep and difficult sites. 

The Moles family added another member to the business with David joining his parents in 1993. David spent many years as a Plant Operator soaking up his fathers knowledge before progressing to an operations role in 2001. David was joined by wife Julie in 2003 and in 2014 they commenced a third generation of family business as "Moles Earthmoving". 

Today we pride ourselves on our history and aim to uphold the old values of providing an honest and reliable service. We approach every project as if it were our own and focus on ensuring our customers obtain the best possible outcome for the development of their property. This remains our aim regardless of whether the project is a garden shed in the back corner of the yard or a new home for the family on your dream block.